Since year 2005 until March 2015 Espai Jurídic has been a firm specialized in the field of inheritance law. During these ten years, we have been providing our customers a comprehensive and quality succession advice that has made us a reference firm on that field.

Espai Jurídic has always been close to the clients, committed and sensitive to social changes, so we have not stopped to evolve, increasingly providing our customers and offices and professional partners services of greater complexity and contribution of higher added value. In this sense, we have worked in estate planning from a civil and taxation point of view , considering firstly the family interest from a medium- and long-term . We have also worked on protecting the elderly and people with disabilities and, in recent years, we have participated with enthusiasm and professionalism in the growing number of estates with a foreign element.

In turn, professionals who have integrated Espai Jurídic have not stopped growing and are remarkable their contributions in judicial sphere, in academic and in the training of other professionals interested in this inheritance field.

From 2014 it became clear that if Espai Jurídic wanted to continue growing and providing our customers with quality services even with a higher complexity and interdisciplinary that they demand us, we needed to significantly increase our dimension and to have input from other legal professionals. Finally, in early 2015, to output these needs we decided to join the prestigious firm CEL ABOGADOS.

CEL ABOGADOS, is an office with 30 years of history, has recognized professionals in almost all branches of law and provides its clients a multidisciplinary quality service, with a style of practice as that fits perfectly with the way of work of Espai Jurídic.

CEL ABOGADOS we share a common way of understanding the legal profession.

In CEL ABOGADOS professionals who until now have been in Espai Jurídic, we have found our best complement, so now from CEL ABOGADOS we have those elements that we considered necessary to continue our evolution towards better delivery of our comprehensive services in the inheritance field.

To all who have trusted so far in Espai Jurídic we want to thank you. We are now at your disposal in CEL ABOGADOS.

Ramon Pratdesaba, founder of Espai Jurídic, CEL ABOGADOS partner.

April 2016